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Dimout Lining (White)

Dimout Lining (White)

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Dimout Lining Fabric That Is Fully Washable And Helps To Exclude excess Light. Although the Words Curtain And Drape Are Commonly Used Interchangeably, Drapes distinguish Themselves By Containing Lining Sewn Onto The Reverse Side Of The fabric. The Purpose Of Lining Is To Protect Drapes And Interior Spaces From damaging Uv Rays (Uv Lining), The Rotting Of Silks, Adverse Light Conditions (Dim-Out & Blackout Lining). Linings also Provide An Immediate Aesthetic Purpose By Adding To The Drapeability Of The Fabric; Added Weight Helps To Anchor The drape And Creates A More Full And Luxurious Window Treatment. Unlike Windows with Drapes, Windows With Curtains Lack The Added Benefit Of Light Control And will Exhibit A Striping Effect During Daylight Hours; A Term That Describes A visible Striped Effect Caused By Uneven Light Distribution Between The Areas Of the Curtain Where It Rests In Front Of The Window Juxtaposed With Where It rests In Front Of The Wall., Due To Their Density And Opacity. This Lining Flows And Pleats Slightly Easier Than Thermal And Blackout Lining It Is A Excellent For Thinner Fabric And Very Easy To Work With. Colours: White Width: 54inches (137cms)

Additional Information

Additional Information

Pattern Repeat 0
Width (cm) 140.0


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