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Welcome to Interior Fabrics Blog. Here you will find all sorts of helpful information which is designed to guide you to the best designs and styles for your home. Have a browse in our Inspiration section to get a feel for the products that we sell and a great range of mood boards to give you insight for the latest trends and styles. Our Portfolio section shows the work we have done in-house for re-upholstery projects. Keep up to date with all the latest products as they are released in our New Releases section. 

Voyage Maison Highland Cow Set

Welcome to the lovely Highland Cow Rory range by Voyage Maison. This beautiful set will bring your living room to life with a lovely matching collection. The doorstops produce a lovely [...]

Voyage Maison Footstools

Welcome to the unique range of Voyage Maison Footstools. The lovely design and style of these footstools make them stand out and bring a touch of modern and contemporary flavour wherever you put [...]

Niki Jones Bedding ’17

Welcome to the exclusive Niki Jones bedding range here at Interior Fabrics! If you are looking for a trendy, modern range, you have come to the right place.  With 4 designs each with their [...]

Trending Wallpaper Designs

Interior Fabric presents The Reclaimed Industrial Chic Wallpaper by Bill Beaumont. The old is new again with a range of timeless wallpaper designs cast in patina which only time can make, including [...]

Colour Of The Year 2017

The 5 Interior Design Principles

The 5 Interior Design Principles Welcome to our useful guide, which has been designed to give you a brief and helpful summary on what to consider before you purchase your fabrics. For example, did you [...]

Karl Lagerfeld Bedding

Welcome to the exclusive Karl Lagerfeld bedding range here at Interior Fabrics! If you are looking for modern, high quality design then the Karl Lagerfeld range is what you need. Similar to other [...]

Monochrome Bold Colours

Monochrome Bold Inspiration Welcome to the Monochrome Bold inspiration mood-board. The board portrays a focus on lovely strong bold colours which can be seen scattered across the mood-board. This shows you how you can [...]

Blues, Greens and Antique Silver

Blues, Greens & Antique Silver Here we have another inspirational mood-board created by one of our in-house designers which places emphasis on a cool blue and green theme. The board is designed to [...]

Voyage Maison Fredrick Sofa

Is it time to get a new sofa? You have come to the right place. We have recently launched the new Voyage Maison range and the products really are striking. There is no [...]

Yellow Zest Inspiration

Yellow Zest Inspiration Here we have a bright and warm inspired mood-board based on yellow, greens and greys. The board follows a modern/contemporary style which will look great in any living room. If [...]

Spring & Nature Moodboard

Spring & Nature Inspiration Here we have another well designed Moodboard created by one of our in-house designers. Using a combination of spring and nature, the Moodboard creates a warm and bright feeling, which [...]