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Welcome to Interior Fabrics Blog. Here you will find all sorts of helpful information which is designed to guide you to the best designs and styles for your home. Have a browse in our Inspiration section to get a feel for the products that we sell and a great range of mood boards to give you insight for the latest trends and styles. Our Portfolio section shows the work we have done in-house for re-upholstery projects. Keep up to date with all the latest products as they are released in our New Releases section. 

Voyage Maison Traditional Moodboard

Another great mood-board designed by one of our in-house designers. This board focuses on a floral/vintage theme which has been created to show you the many ways designs and colours can be mixed. [...]

Bronze, Antique Gold & Petrol Blue

Our bronze, antique gold and petrol blue mood-board is based around products from some of the best names in the industry, such as, Voyage Maison, Jim Dickens and Casamance. The theme follows [...]

Retro Blue’s Inspiration

Here we have a lovely showcase combining the colours Blue, Grey, White and Yellow. This stye of theme will create a cool/open feel to the room. At Interior Fabrics we have over [...]

Voyage Maison Jadu Studio Line Collection

Here we have a lovely Mood-board which showcases the Jadu Studio Line Collection by Voyage Maison. It consists of purples, pinks, blues and greens. Together you can create a complete look in [...]

Pink, Teal & Bronze Inspiration

Here we have another  colourful mood-board designed by one of our in house designers. The board fuses together a good blend of colours which work well together. The shades used are all [...]

Natural Inspiration – Pink Themed

Do you love decorating your home in pink?  Have a look at this mood-board designed by one of our in house designers. As you can see it's based on a combination of [...]

Interior Fabrics New Relocation

Christmas Fabric Wreath

Christmas Wreath Build your own beautiful handcrafted wreath out of fabric. The perfect project in time for Christmas! This tutorial is for a 10" wreath but can work for bigger or smaller. What [...]

Voyage Maison Library Collection

The mood-board above shows a collection of products from the Voyage Maison Library range. They have been designed to bring a timeless theme into your home. A good combination could consist [...]

Voyage Maison Martha Collection

The Voyage Maison Martha Collection is a great set for our September range. The floral design is great for anyone who loves flowers. There are a number of matching products which [...]

Casamance Collection

Casamance is one of the elite brands in the fabric industry due to the quality and style of their products. With such a unique and smart looking range you know that your [...]

Voyage Maison Candles & Vases

Today's Voyage Maison Collection range consists of a fusion between candles and vases. We have matched up these lovely items and they are available now via our online blog shop. If [...]